Review on BizRAS Web Invoicing For One Time and Web Recurring Billing Collections

BIZRAS Web Invoicing Solution From Bizness Inc. (800) 717-9208:

BizRAS product with Web Invoicing includes the following:

1. Web Invoicing for one-time and recurring billing payments on-line. No more paper invoices. No more NSF checks. No more late payments. This Web Invoicing product is excellent for collecting recurring payments each period automatically through the eMerchant Gateway such as credit card and PayPal payments. This product comes in different configurations for small and large businesses. Recurring billing payments can be: weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quaterly, semi-annually and yearly.

2. It interfaces to PayPal for payment collections so that all invoices are done on the web and customer payments are also done on the web. Your clients can pay you for one time charges or reccuring monthly charges. Wen reccuring billing payments will automatically go into your account as billing is done automatically. This product produces standard HTML reports which are supported in web browsers and Windows Mobile Devices/IPhones world wide without the need for any other web reporting software. It provides XML or QuickBooks format files when posting to update your QuickBooks Accounting Software or to interface to other External Accounting Systems.

3. BizRAS Invoicing can assist you cut costs in many area such as eliminating bad debts collecting payments on time, and elminating paper mail outs. It is especially designed to collect web recurring billing payments that are due on a regular basis whether it be a regular maintenance charge, a service charge, service on the internet, a ongoing rental payment for people living in apartments, or other recurring rentals like storage space, condo fees or insurance costs. Web recurring billing payments are deposited automatically into your account using the web.

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