Review on BizSAS eCommerce Systems For Small and International Firms

BIZSAS eCommerce Solution From Bizness Inc. (800) 717-9208:

BizSAS is a World Class International E-Commerce System showing your products to boost sales and get your images out world wide. Handle telephone sales for new and existing clients. Workflows such as Initial SetUp taking you through 19 Administration screens automatically.Alerts, Sales Order Actions To Take, Order Shipping Costs calculated by total weight and Destination, Metric and Non Metric Weights, Sales Tax calculated by location (VAT in UK, HST in Canada, ….US Sales Tax) Sales Tax Exemptions allowed by Exemption certifcate or shipping out of country. Grant Sales Discounts at different minimum purchase levels. Sales Tax Collection and Due Date Posting, Sales Estimates/Quotes, Walk In Purchases for Store Front Offices, Inventory and Sales Management By Country, Tract Inventory Back Orders and Warn When Inventory Drops Below Re-Order Level. Manage Multiple Currencies, Interface to PayPal E-Merchant GateWay System For Credit Card Sales, Multiple Courier Selections and check on Shipping To PO Boxes, Posting to External Accounting Systems, Archiving of Records, User Account for each of your customers to track all their orders. Send email newsletters/notifications to all your Customers that want to receive them.

Over 15 Administrative Reports To Track Total Sales, Products and Inventory World Wide. Drill Down Filtered Reports to get group report sums, averages or counts. All User and Administrative Reports can be printed off at users local printer with no need for extra software like Adobe since reports are in html that can be viewed in Browsers and Laptops worldwide. All Reports dynamically resize to size of users screen.

The administration section of BizSAS lets you enter or change product information on the fly, set up sales tax rates, volume discounts, coupons, courier types, packaging weight calculations and shipping costs, inventory management,sales tax management, posting of account transactions to an external accounting system and a whole host of more features. Click on the Test run menu button to the left to view some sample products that are set up for testing and see a report that would be sent to you and your buyers through out the order handling process. (Test system is not hooked up to credit card system for obvious purposes.) Bizness Inc. recorded live screen shots of over 70 steps broken down into 2 minute training videos to get clients up to speed quickly on a system. Html Documentation as well as customizable screen documentation was added for all systems to clients can get help quickly on a particular screen. Topic help index screen was added to all system so clients can look up a topic an get help on the logic of the system.

Bizness Inc. has world class software and allows its products to be purchased in modules for clients to use only what they need. Bizness Inc. designs its systems for international use with help, screen text and combo box drop down text to be stored in the database for new languages to be easily incorporated.Bizness Inc. added Archiving to all systems as well as an Interfacing to Accounting Systems. It provides XML or QuickBooks format files when posting to update your QuickBooks Accounting Software or to interface to other External Accounting Systems.

Bizness Inc. uses all the latest security in all their systems to protect corporate data and block intruders as well a SSL and credible E-Merchant Gateways for secure credit card authorizations and transactions with automatic back end mail and alert systems.

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