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Here is some information from SoZo Hosting Web Advertising Division that we recommend not only for a small business ad but also for more exposure on the web at a flat rate of only $19.95/month with no pay per click charges!

Click on this FREE White Pages link to add your web site and Ad Caption to over 20 business directory listings including some blog sites for FREE! We also give you a FREE internet account to change your Ad Caption as often as desired. Your Ad Caption (up to 100 characters long) is displayed in the 20 + Business directories with a hyperlink to your home page. So sign up now for this FREE service clicking on this link: FREE White Pages to get your site and ad caption up in the next business day!

Small Business Ad
Small Business are being frustrated with pay per click web advertising programs. Bizness Inc.’s Web Advertising Division offers a flat rate of only $9.95/month or $79.95/year for FULL PAGE ADS that you can edit as often as desired. For more information on how these Full Page Ads link to your web site, click on this link: Small Business Ad
Web Advertising Services

Full Page Ads on over 20 business directories, and your Ad captions in blogs, business search sites – All with no pay per click charges! IS THE WORLD FINDING YOUR SITE ON THE WEB? Getting frustrated you are not being found by web surfers to get known? Bizness Inc.’s Web Advertising Services is the solution as we offer the best Site Advertising, Product Advertising and Logo or Banner Advertising! We give you your own private internet advertising account to customize your Ad Caption for all our search engines and your full Page Ad on over 20 Business Directories. Get your own ad caption right in the Search Results Grid on multiple search sites. Change your Ads as often as you want. Add 2 images on your Ad Page to for product or service advertising having the images hyperlinked to any page in your web site. Your Full Page Ad is called a Directory Link Page that links to your home page to help drive more traffic to your web site. This is great web advertising for your dollar if you compare it to any other internet advertising programs.

Many businesses are shifting more dollars to internet advertising since more people are using the web. Larger Corporations are spending $80-90,000/ month on internet advertising pushing some sites (your site?) out of range to the common web surfer. Bizness Inc.’s Web Advertising Services is the Solution! Bizness Inc.’s multiple Search Sites allow only business and non profit organizations that sign up with us to be on our business search. We want you to be found by web surfers to drive more traffic to your site. The benefits are tremendous! Your advertising caption and Directory Link Page can be found on all our Search Sites after you make changes in your own private internet account we grant you. We also email you the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tip of the Month telling you how the major search engines work and how you can add more tags and information to your web site to assist in your search rankings. Click on the promo picture to the left or on this link to add your web site (or sites) and get started today on the 30 day free trial offer: Click here for more info:

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